get somewhere

get somewhere
• get anywhere
• get nowhere
• get somewhere
• take anywhere
• take nowhere
• take somewhere
to obtain any (no, some) result; make any (no, some) progress

"We seem to be really getting somewhere at last," Bart agreed. "All those tests and examinations in the first few days. Phew! Just think what that would be costing outside!" (D. Cusack)

"And to think," he said, "of the thousands of millions for war and a few lousy thousands for Т. В." Little Weston answered in his usual calm manner. "Sentimentality gets you nowhere. You've got to do something about it. They'll go on spending thousands of millions for war and a few thousands for Т. В. just as long as we are fools enough to put up with it." (D. Cusack)

If the positions were reversed -- if Gorin had Haviland's training and experience, and Haviland were the neophyte, the success of the experiment would be less of a gamble. But even then, what would it get them? (M. Wilson)

You'll soon get the knack of it. I warn you that you'll get nowhere without this key in Eastershaws. (A. Cronin)

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